Thursday, May 24, 2012

24 May Crossed the River PO

Popies near the PO river at Cremona

It's the first time since I left the lago Transimeno on 1 May that I have Internet access. But thanks to my daughter EVA updates could have been posted from time to time. Tell you what happend with the route. After the passo di Collinia the GEA route goes higher in the mountains and as refuges and hotels on the passed are still closed it became difficult to continue on this route, therfore I decided to shift 27 km to the west and follow the valley of Garfagnana which is less demanding. This valley separates the Alpi Alpuani at the coast from the Appenies. This allowed me also with some extra km's to get back on the original schedulue recovering the days I lost in April. In Pontremoli I joined the via Francigena with some good facilities and also the occasion to meet some people on their own camino. Yesterday I left this route and today I crossed the River PO, who bring the waters from the Alps and the Appenines to the Adriatic sea. In 3 days I hope to arrive at Bergamo where I can start wih the Alps.

Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18th

Every day, there are some new surprises! Today, the city Bagnone, a treasure to walk trough. The conquest of Pontremoli didnt go easy, a walk of 45km, 80% on a concrete road. But once he arrived, he found a nice bed... .

May 17th

After a long journey, Luc put up his tent in Panigalleto, behind Fivizzano. At 2km of Fivizzano there's no path to come off the mountain. the consequences are 10 extra km. Luc got to see the sea and also some animals, a deer, a fox, a hare and a snake!

May 16th

Church of San Biagio
Today Luc walked trough the valley of Riv de Serchio where there are a lot of nice villages. After a journey of 32km he arrived safely at a camping place, height 1050m, where Luc can sleep in a trailer. He hopes to get to the Via Francigena tomorrow.

Having some family over to join Luc on his trip. Ofcours, it's also important to take a break from time to time... .

Day 22 LaBurria - Murraglione

This morning, Luc was dropped off on his way to Passo Di Callo by a group of 5 CAI-men next to an old Roman path. They went up pretty fast. After the Monte Falco and the Falterone he came down 1654m to Castgno d'Andrea at 750m. From the end of the winter, to spring. To find shelter and food is a challenge in this area but Luc is taking some food and a tent with him, just in case. 

Day 21: Bradia Pretoglia - LaBurria

They predicted a lot of rain and thats what Luc is getting today. But also fog and sunshine in all kinds of combinations. In the open woods there are deers, squirrels and pigs but no humans. Passo di Callo is abandoned but Luc can get a ride to Corniolo to spend the night. He is now at the height of Firenze but 50km east. 

Day 20: La Verna - Bradia Prataglia

Rainy day but Luc doesn't mind. The roads are marked well so everything goes smooth. Already in Badia Pretaglia for 4hrs where Luc can warm up by the fireplace and enjoys a nice soup. After that, more climbing on the mountain to a cabin where Luc can make a little fire.
Wild boar with piglet near Badia Pretaglia

Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 19: Fonte Del Bargengo - La Verna

Today a short trip trough the morning fog to La Verna. According to the GPS, Luc has walked 504km, in the land of churches and abbeys, truffels and boars. The moral is great! The feet are doing a little bit less good. Nevertheless, it has already been a trip to never forget!

Day 18: Colonia Di Poti - Fonte Del Barengo

Luc planned to walk 25km today... it turned out to be 34km!
When he was descending Monte Castello, he has spent 1416m in the wrong valley. Trough Fragiolo, Luc ends his trip today at 20h, after walking for 12h.

Day 17: Dellafoce - Colonia di Poti

After a beautiful day, Luc arrived in Scheggia, behind Arezzo. Tomorrow he will be on the Monte Castello, this mountain is with 1400m height the highest mountain of the region.

Day 16: Celle - Della Foce

At this moment, Luc founds himself in Palazzo di Pero, in between castiglione Fiorentino and Arezzo. The concrete roads are fading and it's becoming more difficult to look for water during the day and to find food and a place to sleep in the evening.

Day 15: Tuoro - Celle

Erremo di Celle near Cortona
Trough Eerimo de Celle to Cortona, incredibly beautiful! It's the first time above 1000m. Giacomo predicted 50% chance on rain --> Before noon: bright sun, after noon: pooring rain! :s
While walking, Luc came across some little boars... !