Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time to consolidate the plan

It has taken months to go from the original idea to a route plan that’s feasible but still invites me to be changed. For example, following the discovery of a fascinating place not far from the path that has been chosen, a tip from a colleague or yet another late night session 'staring at the map and zooming into Google Earth. A few days ago I reinvented the route through the Po Plain, I changed the passage in the Alps north of Bergamo and I know I can go on with this kind of updates for years.
Meanwhile, agreements are made with friends who offer to walk with me for some days. Something like that is accepted, meeting friends in the beautiful garden that we call Western Europe, it is something not to miss! But my companions have to organize leave, we need to point out a location where we can meet and the way how my fellows can get back home has to be considered.
All this based on a plan built on the necessary assumptions, sometimes made with maps drawn many years ago and for a number of stages never tested against reality. Moreover, the question arises whether the physical requirement that my dream plan  implies is aligned with the capacities of a non athletic person 58 years old.
But No risk - No fun ... I’ve put it all together: Way-points, hights and valleys, distances one can walk in one day, sleeping facilities, public transport, buffer days, and so on. Eventually I got over something on paper, realistic? I can tell within a few months hopefully. Once concrete agreements with third parties are made ​​I will have to stick to main constraints. Anyhow it will be adopted ... For those who already experienced trekking’s in the mountains will understand what is meant by the statement
: Finally it is the mountain who decides.

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