Friday, June 15, 2012

Jun 11 - Jun 15 Bye-Bye Switzerland

Today, I crossed the Rein river in Koblenz ready for a new phase in my journey from Rome to Antwerp. with this 2/3 of the trip is now completed. What concerns the sponsoring for AMAR, the news is even better we already have 75 times 1 Euro cent per kilometer or 3/4 of the objective set. I still believe both goals can be obtained. I fixed now the calendar for the remaining part with adding an extra day at Trier where I will met my wife Chris before the last stage in Luxembourgh and Belgium will begin. This means that I hope to arrive in Antwerp on 20 July.

Near Amden
What happened after I arrived in Amden? As I changed the stopover place, I had also to update the route to keep-up with my schedule, for this the last pass in the Alps went to the Togenburger valley where I followed the river Thur to Wattwill. Because the many rain showers and the slippery wooden constructions downhill the mountain the decent was not easily done. But I arrived wet and healthy in Wattwill. The next day I went to the Fischingen Kloster , this time it rained from the moment I woke up till I went to sleep. With the result that not only I but also part of my luggage was completly wet. Fortunally this monastry lies on the Swiss St Jacob route and is well foreseen to take care of the recovery of wet pelgrims. Anyway the rain didn´t disturb me too much as my thoughts were with my two grandchildren Sander an Rhune who were born today.  The next morning I wake up at 5 o´clock to attend the vespers, at this had a positive effect as it stopped raining when I started walking the next day. But at noon when I had a last climb in the pre-alps it started raining again. When I was close to Winterthur someone who traveled himself a lot on foot, bike and ski invited me to stay over at his home where I had a nice evening talking about the journeys each of us made in the past. To finalize the Alp adventure I walked the next 2 days first along the Toss river and then along the Rein at beautiful paths close to the river and this time again with a sunny sky. For my last evening in Switzerland I stayed at a farm using the Schlaf im Stroh formula witch was a nice expedience and budget friendly!

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