Sunday, July 1, 2012

16 Jun - 1 July Germany and France

After crossing the Rhein, the Alps are over but not the climbing. The first day it was up again from 310m to over 1000 meters, with an etappe of over 40km on a hot day, I was nearly out on my first day in the Black-Forest. But I keep a good memory of the view of the Alps, like a wall of Mountains. After this first day a made some shorter days to recover from the Swiss adventure. It took me six more days, with the help of my brother in law and his daughter to walk through the black forest till I reached Bhül where I crossed the Rhein again. This part of Germany was new to me, but every day changing terrain and with splendid panoramas on the Voges and the Black-Forest range. Before getting back to Germany in Saarland I had a few days in the Northern Voges with their typical villages and Red stone rock formations and castles, here I was again alone in the Forest opposed to the Black Forest where a lot of people are travelling with or without backpack. Now I have a few more days before I arrive in Trier, where I will spent a day with my wife Chris, before the last phase Luxembourgh and Belgium can take off. Hoping to arrive in Antwerp on 20 July.
Hasemann hutte in the Black Forest

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