Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some statiscs

After some fix and repair actions on the data from my GPS it is possible to provide some statics on my trip.

For six days I had no altitude figures due to the problems with the GPS  unit, for these days I used an estimate. The distance is traveled by foot, but here and there, I made some local walks, and these are included.
  • Number of days walked: 93
  • Number of days not walked: 7
  • Kilometers walked: 2.413
  • Average distance walked per day: 25,9
  • Hours walked (excl rests): 591 or 6h24min average per day
    Average walking speed: 4,1 km/h
  • Hours on the way: 922 or 9h54min average per day
  • Total vertical meters ascent: 65.103 meters
  • Average ascent gradiënt: 5,4% 

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