Thursday, July 5, 2012

2 - 4 July At Trier, crossroad of Roman roads

Yesterday, I arrived at Trier, the Roman Capital of the Nord with his impressive Porta Nigra. My wife is joining me for a city trip of a day and a half, before a start with the last section Luxembourg and Belgium. During the last 2 weeks I will have some company from my Sons an a Friends. Some 1800 km have been gone, and some 400 are still ahead.
Good news from the AMAR front, we passed the 2000 Euro, some 10 more sponsors and we reached the objective of 1 Euro for each kilometer. I´m curious who will reach first his objective the sponsors or I arriving in Antwerp.
During the last days I had to deal with some rain, which doesn´t bother me a lot, it is like it is. But what was more annoying was the fact that my GPS didn´t function correct anymore. As my road map was on the GPS and I used it to inform me about current height, the map and direction to go, I had a problem! So I had to fall back on a bike and trail map that I did bought at the youth hostel and in a tourist office, with the help of my manual compass. But this showed me the Saar - Hundsruck - Steig trail, a very nice trail that goes from Nonnweiler to Trier, through the land of Celts, Germans and the Roman history.

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