Saturday, August 4, 2012

Elevation profile of the track

When setting-out the route rather paths in the mountains have been chosen than the paved roads in the valleys. During the trek some parts have been replaced by easier paths for several reasons as to respect the schedule, weather conditions or the need to slow down a bit. And in the end it was not the the days in the mountains that was the gave me problems but the long stretches on paved roads.

Hereby a graphic of the GPS data of the entire trail, with some marks that I added.

  1. Monte Pancrazio near Vasciano 917m
  2. Castelmonte near Patrico 942m
  3. Alto San Egido near Cortona op GR50 1050m
  4. Prati della Regina a Alpe di Catenaia op GR50 1420m
  5. Poggio di Scali near the Passo della Calla op GR00 1520m
  6. Monte Falco on the GR00 1660m
  7. Monte Peschiena on the GR00 1150m
  8. Monte Scalette near Gavigno 1190m
  9. The river Serio near Fornovo 111m
  10. Monte Argegna nearj Giucugnano 1014m
  11. Monte Contremerio near the Passo Di Cisa 1101m
  12. Po river at Cremona 30m
  13. Crosnello near Cantremerio in Brembana 1138m
  14. Baita Maffenoli near Lenna in Brembana 1455m
  15. Passo San Marco near Morbengo 1996m
  16. Lago Di Como near Colico 193m
  17. Splügen pass Italy-Switzerland 2122m
  18. Kunkelspass near Bonaduz 1359m
  19. Vorder Hohe near Amden 1536m
  20. Rhein river at Waldshut-Tiegen Switzerland - Germany 320m
  21. Feldberg-ord in the Black-forrest 1297m
  22. Mumelsee in the Black-forrest 1046m
  23. Rhein river at  Drusenheim Germany - France 130m
  24. Soultzerkopf in de Nord voge 486m
  25. Hemerskeil on the Hundsruck 600m (No GPS elevation data of this part)
  26. Gröestaen closte to the frontier of Luxemburg and Belgium 529m
  27. Maas river at Huy 70m

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