Thursday, April 5, 2012


Two months ago a made a To-Do list, things that should be done before a left on the trip. At that time there was still no pressure to have things done, but today I would have been lost without my golden-list and a good portion of items I do not have to worry anymore.
A few days after the list was set, problems with my shoulder almost forced me to cancel the project, but fortunately nature was with me and the lime on my shoulder broke avoiding a medical intervention. 30 days before the departure date I got the green light for the trip, and from that moment I really came into a countdown mode with little time extra. As the pressure rises before day 0 I’m looking forward for the lift-off moment, the day I can start walking and that’s it!

Fix gaps between waypoints, distance between 2 points never more than 3km
Way-points for peaks and the surrounding locations
Route per day stage
Upload Maps, waypoints, routes, tracks reference to GPS
Print daily stage for e-Reader
Maps: Topo (25000) and Roadmaps
Inventory with link to the waypoint numbering
Scan missing maps
Mark waypoints on scanned versions
Upload maps to e-Reader
Go to doctor for immunizations
Check and complete first aid kit
List of what to pack
List of what I put aside to send to any postal address
List and buy what is still missing
Overnight in tent test
Backpack adjusted at store
Backpack load
For home
Overview of route, schedule and contact addresses for home
Pictures of the home front to copy on e-Reader
Explanation relating to items that could be needed to send to me
Administration and documents
Copies of important documents, scan and send to e-mail address that will be accessible
Post interrupt newspaper subscription
Post interrupt auto insurance
letter of attorney for tax declaration
Boarding document for flight to Italy
Agreements with sponsoring association
Announcement to Family, Friends and Interested and sponsor of Blog Action
Evening for meetings with friends who want to join for some days on the trip
Arrangements for transmitting warnings to bad weather on the way
Appointments with someone who can post messages on blog
Contact information addresses for overnight stays

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