Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 11 From Foligno to Assisi

Today I go from Foligno by the Roman city Spello to Assisi following a trail on the Monte Subasio. I choose to follow a trail not too high on the Mountain, the top lies on 1230, and I did this before. This is the first day that the rain is not invited to the party. I'm not alone as everywhere people are searching for the delicious green asspargi. I cross an lovely old chapel in the middle of the wood, but for how long it will be more than a sign on the map? Arriving in Assisi I feel a bit uncomfortable with all the people crossing around, although I admire the figure of St Francis I can not associate it with this tourist city and the country around gives a better fit for me. So it's not Assisi, because the streets are pretty and buildings impressive and its not St Francis but the combination of these 2.

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