Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 12 Crossing the Tiber

It's a smooth walk down to the Tiber,  the last km's in what was in the millennium BC the UMBRA territory. By crossing the Tiber I will enter the land between Tiber and Arno where Etrusks lived. The Tiber is going his slow way back to Rome but I have to climb to 650m out of the valley between Perugia and the Monte Tezio, the sun is burning and by refilling my water bottle, I forgot my stick: Penalty 2 un-sponsered extra km's and some 100m back down and up. At the end of the day I find in MonteBagnolo a AgroTourismo run for more than 30 years by a gentle German couple. The treat me with all hospitality they can give, and that a lot!

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