Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 14 Lago Transimeno

Lago Transimeno not far from my camping place.
When I wake up, I do not feel too well in my stomach, but the trail is very nice and I can follow some marked trails, which makes it easy to find my way. On the last climb before arriving in Vernazzano I'm really out of Gas and not feeling well, but on arrival I find a bed to sleep and refill the tank. I decide to stay here for more 2 days before I continue the 5day walk to La Verna on the GR50, that will bring me in the Apennines. The Apennines that I will be in for about one month. Up till now I have done in 14 walk days 378 km's, and I do not regret of a single step I have set.

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