Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 13 Around Perugia

I'm still 25 bird km's from the Lago di Transimeno, this will not be feasible in one day. See where we can get. This quest is a journey through Space-Time&Emotion to me. Today it's the Emotion that's the most significant as my daughter gets her second child, as I'm informed by GSM the boy is named Cisse. Its not be because there is a physical distance, that I'm far away of what is taken place. The scenery is dominated today by the Monte Tezio, a mountain that gives a nice view on Perugia, Assisi and the Lago Transimeno. But today I will go to the top  and sleep for the first time in my tent near Castel Rigione where a have an excellent outlook on the Lake. A camping place with a view!

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