Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 0 Brussels South

Day 0 Brussels - South

Safely arrived in Charleroi. My son Mathijs , my wife Chris and three little wolves: Ferre, Lore and Lieselot didn't mind to wake up at 5:30 to bring me to the airport and wave goodbye. Yesterday evening the other children passed by to say goodbye as there is much that is left behind. First gate has been passed : a backpack of 17 kg  was no reason for Ryanair to skip to procedure B , it must have been the early hour. But in Tuoro I'll still have to see what is really needed to carry with me. The problem always comes when you stuff your sack strictly according to the packing list and the time of recharge arrives: the panic attacks that you forgot the ultimate items that will faciliate the trek. The last days were not hectic but the tension grew day by day to get everything done at home and for the trip. Now we can slow down again, both my wife at home and I on the trip. My sister Magdaleen and her husband Andoni will be waiting for me at Perugia Tomorrow morning we will drive to Rome for Day 1, some clouds and rain in the forecast wont stop us.

The 3 wolves

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